One Step Per Day: Meditations to begin again, whenever you need

Book Launch & Celebration

Saturday, June 4th • 14h

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Launch & Celebration Event

Event Programme

Saturday, June 4th • 14h

14h - 15h

Welcome and arrival at Cinecitta

15h - 16h30

Book presentation and reading / Q&A with the author / Celebration

16h30 - 17h30

Book signing

17h30 -

After Party at Bolsa Festival

* Cinecitta offers a variety of drinks and food which can be ordered directly at the ristobar during the event

The Book

One Step Per Day: Meditations to begin again, whenever you need

One Step per Day: Meditations to begin again, whenever you need - book by Carol Milters

You can walk into whom
you are meant to be,
one step per day.

Every single line of One Step Per Day offers a truth that we intuitively know but have buried deep down in our souls, just to fit in with what society tells us. 

We all put on masks, a face we show the world that brings us respect, validation and maybe even love. With One Step Per Day, you can be at your most vulnerable outside the office of a therapist. You get to open up the innermost parts of you to yourself, forgive yourself, and start your journey to healing.

This is more than a book of meditations; it is not a list of cute affirmations designed to make you feel good. It is an autopsy of your innermost fears, a ripping apart, a close examination of internal parts. But unlike the literal autopsy done on the dead, when you are through with this one, you start to live again. 

Really live.

(Written by Olusola Alli 🇳🇬 Editor/Ghostwriter)

Book cover and illustrations by Marcos Oliveira

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The autor

Carol Milters Cultura do Trabalho Síndrome de Burnout e Workaholismo

Carol Milters

Writer, facilitator & investigator of burnout, workaholism and the culture of mental health at work.

Born in what is inarguably the most beautiful country in the world, Brazil, Carol Milters might have been living as an oblivious high-powered executive now but for her encounter with burnout. When burnout reared its head in the middle of her high-flying career, she made a change that started with a solo trip through Chile and Europe.

Using her personal experience with anxiety, depression and panic resulting from burnout, she published My Morning Pages in 2020. The chronicles of her tussle with the hornless beast have gone on to be sold in more than 15 countries.

Now Carol studies, writes and speaks about burnout, workaholism and mental health at work; helping career-driven individuals find a balance between a satisfying job, family, friends, and personal time.

After all, she had been and is still there: managing a visual communication consultancy job with writing, content creation, and an active support group that caters to people with burnout.

Currently living in the Netherlands, Carol loves watching her nieces play the piano, playing with her cat, Mia, and trying new recipes with her partner, Timo.

Curious about her superpower? Carol plays the ukulele (if this is not a superpower, it definitely should be!).

The venue:
Cinecitta Tilburg

Cinecitta is an arthouse for films and cultural events located at the heart of Tilburg’s city center (5 minute-walk from the Central Station).

Films have been shown here since 1904. The building is a national monument, and the name Cinecitta refers to the large film studio in Rome.

The book launch event will take place at the Glass Atrium, just a few meters from the entrance of the building.

Cinecitta Films & Meer

Willem II Straat 29
5038 BA, Tilburg

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Cine Citta Tilburg

Are you joining us?
Reserve your spot at the launch event

To make sure we have everything ready for an amazing event, we kindly request you to confirm that you’re joining us, as well as who else is coming with you.

(The amount of books on sale, the layout of the room, the cake and the toast are planned according to the number of attendants.)

Fundraising & After Party:
Bolsa Festival

After the launch celebration, we’ll head to Bolsa Festival for drinks, food and the after party.

We’re partnering with Bolsa Festival to help raise funds for Larissa Souza’s master in Arts and Media.

The festival ticket (sold separately) and profits from this event will be directed to help cover her tuition fees (over €15,000).

Musical line-up by : Elle van Lier, Oliver Pesch, Docslobby and Mood Bored

Food by : Dwars Hotdogbar and De Pizzamobiel
Final stop @ Cul de Sac