carol milters

Writer, speaker & consultant on mental health at work, focusing on burnout and workaholism

Carol Milters Cultura do Trabalho Síndrome de Burnout e Workaholismo

Author of “My Morning Pages: Chronicles of living through Burnout” and “One Step a Day: Meditations to begin again, whenever you need”, founder of the 1st Global Burnout Awareness Week and the online support group Burnoutados Anônimos (in Portuguese) .

Carol might have been living as an oblivious high-powered executive now but for her encounter with burnout. When burnout reared its head in the middle of her high-flying career, she made a change that started with a solo trip through Chile and Europe. Using her personal experience with anxiety, depression and panic resulting from burnout, she published My Morning Pages in 2020. The chronicles of her tussle with the hornless beast have gone on to be sold in more than 15 countries. Her second book, One Step per Day, is a collection of 90 short texts on cultivating self-awareness and self-compassion.

Born in Porto Alegre and living in the Netherlands since 2017, Carol has become a specialist in a reference in burnout and workaholism. Today, Carol is a speaker and consultant on initiatives to raise awareness and promote mental health at work; collaborating with organisations and professionals in the search for a balance between satisfying work, family, friends and self-care. After all, she lived in her skin and still feels daily the consequences of a harmful work culture.

Carol also collaborates with Instituto Bem do Estar in initiatives to promote mental health at work. Bem do Estar is a non-profit organisation with the purpose of challenging people to change their behaviour about mental health, helping to prevent diseases and contributing to a more conscious and healthy society.