Speaker on mental health in the workplace, burnout and workaholism

Based in Tllburg, Netherlands

Carol Milters

Writer, speaker & investigator on Mental Health at Work, Burnout & Workaholism

Author,"My Morning Pages: Chronicles of living through Burnout", creator of the 1st Global Burnout Awareness Week and an online support group for people going through burnout.

Main topics for the keynotes about burnout and mental health in the workplace:

1. What burnout taught me about our relationship with work

2. Burnout prevention: is it possible or are we all heading towards exhaustion?

3. How the “burnout generation” will reinvent the relationship with work

4. Who is on the brink of burnout? What to do about it?

5. Burned out or engaged? The eight strategic areas of the relationship with work that indicate Burnout

6. Workaholism: when work becomes an addition

7. We need to talk about work: an honest chat about how we relate to work

8. Possible paths to cultivate a healthier relationship with work

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What the attendees have to say:

“Among team and client events, I’ve already organised 50+ talks during my 3 and a half years in my company, and yours was one of my favorites!”

“Amazing chat about how to improve our relationship with work in a healthier way. Thank you Carol for sharing your journey and helping us address this difficult subject.”

Excellent lecture, addressing this very important and necessary topic, which is so consistent with the current moment that many of us are living. Being able to learn more about how to prevent and identify the triggers of burnout has transformed me!”

“I would like to thank you immensely on behalf of the management group for your participation today. You turned on a very important switch in all of us, and it meant a lot to us! I’ve received messages from members saying that this was the best committee session in years!”

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