One step per day

Meditations to begin again,
whenever you need

Written by Carol Milters,

Step by step,
we may go further than we could ever imagine.

You can walk into whom you were meant to be,
one step per day.

Every single line of One step per day offers a truth that we intuitively know but have buried deep down in our souls, just to fit in with what society tells us.

As you read this book, you will go through a range of emotions, some of which you might not have allowed yourself for a long time.

My recommendation is that you allow yourself to feel it all, to soak it in, to acknowledge yourself, your right to feel, to laugh, cry, and vent. You can be sure that you will never be embarrassed as you will realise that all of your feelings are valid and what’s more, they’ve been felt by at least one other person.

We all put on masks, a face we show the world that brings us respect, validation and maybe even love. With One step per day, you can be at your most vulnerable outside the office of a therapist. You get to open up the innermost parts of you to yourself, forgive yourself, and start your journey to healing.

This is more than a book of meditations; it is not a list of cute affirmations designed to make you feel good.

It is an autopsy of your innermost fears, a ripping apart, a close examination of internal parts. But unlike the literal autopsy done on the dead, when you are through with this one, you start to live again.

Really live.


(Book description written by Olusola Alli 🇳🇬  Editor/Ghostwriter)