"As I talk to people about their experiences with burnout, there’s an underlying theme of allowing yourself to be who you are"

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24 months: that’s the average time expected for a full recovery from burnout. The syndrome is a growing concern around the world.

In the span of these two years, former technology manager Carol Miltersteiner documented her journey through burnout and its side effects (anxiety, depression and stress-related issues). She also reflects on our culture of busyness and how we see productivity.

A unique, honest memoir on chronic stress and mental illness, “My Morning Pages: Chronicles of Living Through Burnout” marks Carol’s debut as a writer. The book is a collection of the author’s writings following the exercise “Morning Pages”, introduced by the multi-talented artist Julia Cameron.

In My Morning Pages, Carol writes about her exhaustion, her overachiever personality and the effects it had in her personal and professional life.

It’s a glimpse into one’s process of coming from the bottom to the surface and emerging radically different.

Carol’s mission with this book is to increase awareness and reduce stigma around burnout, anxiety and depression, and to raise hope that there are better, healthier ways to live our lives.

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Carol Miltersteiner, an advertising professional by training, worked for more than ten years in marketing, having developed strategies for some of the largest organisations in Latin America and Europe.
When her passion for work and external pressures evolved into workaholism, Carol ended up experiencing an emotional breakdown that led her to completely repurposing her relationship with work and with herself.

At the age of 27, at the height of her Burnout condition, she was able to take a sabbatical, when she traveled alone through Chile and Europe on a journey of internal reconnection.
Today, she lives in the Netherlands and writes about mental health from his own experience with anxiety, depression and panic caused by Burnout.
Her purpose is to increase awareness of Burnout syndrome and inspire them to prioritise compassion as a tool for individual and social transformation.


Frequently asked questions about the book

The is a book for pretty much anyone, but if you are experiencing or have experienced Burnout, or been through a difficult period of depression, for example, reading this can help you.

On the other hand, if you have never been through these issues, but know someone who has, this book can help you better understand their experience.

Through this website, you can purchase directly from the authorIf you prefer, you can also find the book AmazonApple Books, Google Play Books or Bol.com.

In case you can’t place your order or have any other issues or questions, feel free to contact us through email: suporte@carolmilters.com.

Ah, the smell of a new book… If you are more of a paper book person, that’s alright.

At the moment, the most convenient option is purchasing through Amazon. They print the book on demand and ship it to anywhere in the world.

If you are in the Netherlands or surroundings (i.e. Germany, Luxembour, Belgium) you can order directly from the author here, she will sign it and ship it to you.

Of course! This is actually an excellent idea.

A considerable part of the readers who buy this book also order copies to give as gifts. If you purchase directly, write a note with your name and who is the present for, and the author will prepare it as a gift.

No. Reading is good, and we know it. There is even a concept of bibliotherapy that notes of the therapeutic properties of reading – especially of personal accounts with which we can identify.

Several psychologists have already bought the book and recommend reading to their patients. However, there is no substitute for individual advice by a health professional.

My Morning Pages: Chronicles of living through Burnout - Carol Miltersteiner

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