November 30 – december 5, 2020

global awareness week


Fostering conversations,
cultivating compassion
and eliminating stigma.

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the week

The first Global Burnout Awareness Week is taking place from November 30 to December 5, 2020.

The event, organised by Brazilian writer Carol Miltersteiner – @carolmilters, aims to increase awareness around Burnout, help eliminate the stigma surrounding the syndrome, in addition to intensifying the dissemination of its causes, consequences and treatments.

The week will be filled with live panels, promoting dialogues between experts and personal stories on the subject, which will be broadcast live on YouTube.

Guests from 5 countries will be present, including Brazil, Netherlands, South Africa and USA.

The event is free, non-profit and open to the participation of volunteers who can and want to share their experiences in some way.

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Specialists & personal life stories
live from 5 countries

Kathy Mann

Harnessing stress:
cultivate wellbeing and happiness

thu 03/12 • 1 pm cet

Charlene Rymsha

Giving yourself
a break

thu 03/12 • 3 pm cet

Thorsten Jonas

The UX of Burnout:
Sustainable Mental Health for Creatives

thu 03/12 • 5.30 pm cet

Geri Puleo, phD

Overachievers, people pleasers
and Burnout

fri 04/12 • 7 pm ceT

talks in portuguese:

Fatima de Kwant

Burnout em pais
e mães de crianças atípicas

mon 30/11 • 4 pm ceT

Cibele Castro

pra não surtar

mon 30/11 • 10 pm cet

Tamires de Almeida

Burnout entre profissionais da saúde

tue 01/12 • 9 pm cet

Samantha Schreiber

Chega de
romantizar o cansaço

wed 02/12 • 4.30 pm cet

izabella camargo

Há vida após
a síndrome de Burnout

wed 02/12 • 8 pm cet

wed 02/12 • 9.30 pm cet

Damião Silva

entre psicólogos

thu 03/12 • 9.30 pm cet

Helloá Regina

Pergunta aí:
tudo o que você queria saber sobre a Burnout

wed 02/12 • 8 pm cet

Roberta Carusi

Pergunta aí:
tudo o que você queria saber sobre a Burnout

wed 02/12 • 9.30 pm cet

This programme is on Central European Timezone (GMT+1)

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brought to life by

carol miltersteiner

Writer & Investigator | Mental Health at Work, Burnout and Workaholism

Carol Miltersteiner, an advertising professional by training, worked for more than ten years in CRM & marketing, having developed strategies for some of the largest organisations in Latin America and Europe.

When her passion for work and external pressures evolved into workaholism, Carol ended up experiencing an emotional breakdown that led her to completely repurposing her relationship with work and with herself.

At the age of 27, at the worst of a Burnout episode, she was able to take a sabbatical, when she traveled alone through Chile and Europe on a journey of internal reconnection.

Today, she lives in the Netherlands and writes about mental health from her own experience with anxiety, depression and panic caused by Burnout.

Her purpose is to increase awareness of Burnout syndrome and inspire people to prioritise compassion as a tool for individual and social transformation.

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